Garden zone introduction

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Garden zone introduction
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For garden lovers and landscapers alike, showing off the garden to the best effect with efficient and quality lighting has become a regular feature within a garden plan. However, finding the right lighting solution has, until now, been problematic.

Garden Zone aims to eliminate this by offering a wide and versatile selection of high quality, easy to install and energy efficient product solutions to all parts of the garden, whether it be flower beds, trees, pathways or decking.

Garden Zone is a brand of landscape and garden lighting, which will fulfil all the needs of the gardening enthusiast, landscape designer or contract specialist. Having developed a product range designed with quality and light performance as the first priority, this collection of fittings offer the broadest and arguably the best quality selection available.

Using our excellent low voltage plug & go system allows a large number of fittings to be connected together over a distance of up to 50 metres. Furthermore, all the fittings within the plug & go series use high power LED light sources, which have very good light output properties alongside exceptionally low energy consumption. Added to this we offer a complementary range of 240V energy efficient models in matching designs as well as range accessories to ensure the widest possible choice.

The majority of fittings shown within the Garden Zone range use LED (Light Emiting Diode) lamps. Typically the single 1 x 1.6W give out 120 lumens of light (equivalent to a 15W incandescent bulb) and the 3 x 1W units give out 240 lumens (equivalent to 30W incandescent or 20W halogen bulb). However, normal lamps have a very wide beam so the light is much less intense. LED on the other hand is a much better projector so is much more intense over a lesser area, which is ideal for lighting in the garden.

Warranty / Life Expectancy

All Garden Zone fittings are warranted against fault / failure for 2 years. The LED lamps have a minimum life expectancy at 80% plus efficiency for 20,000 hours. Typically if on 4 hours per day, 365 days per year, than this equates to around 14 years of life. The 2 year warranty is only valid when exclusively using Garden Zone cables, fittings and drivers